Codeswitching means changing how you speak according to who you are with. You don't talk to your friends the way you talk to your boss or your mate.

At CodeSwitcher Music, we are adept at writing for various audiences, using the musical and verbal languages they understand. That's why our music is played the world over, from the U.S. to Africa, Spain, Europe, China, The Netherlands, and even Siberia.

We are able to create in so many genres because we don't "mimic" a feel or a sound, we understand the people who listen to each type of music.

Many don't know that the group Steely Dan was not a band. It was a collection of various musicians that came together under the guidance of the co-founders and created unique music for each album. That's how CodeSwitcher works. We use musicians from around the world to give us the expertise and flavor for each song we craft for a specific audience.

So journey with us from Nashville to the Zulu tribes of Africa, to Mexico, Spain, and on to Memphis and Chicago before we head for Jamaica and Latin America. We also have an eye on Mongolia. where a new genre is emerging.

Wherever your story takes you, we've got your soundtrack.

Latest News

CodeSwitcher News

June 22, 2019

African Fusion song "Bayeza" released on Radiosparx

Video of "This Is Your Moment" completed.

Video of "A Little Beautiful Is All You Need" in full distrubution.

CodeSwitcher song "Ninety-Nine Heartaches" placed in the film, "Milk and Honey."

"No One Ever Said" licensed to McDonald's.

"No One Ever Said" licensed to Olive Garden.

Bluegrass tune "Head Over Heels and Homeward Bound" is now represented by third-party publisher.

International airplay continues to grow, especially in Italy.

Song "99 Heartaches" picked up for artist.

"Gimme One Good Reason" recorded by female country artist in Nashville.

"Angel Things" number one in Australia.

"The Best Kitchen Dancer" recorded on a Nashville project.

"Dinah Might" recorded by male country artist in Nashville.

Rockabilly song picked up for film project.

"99 Heartaches under contract

Children's album "Noggin Knockers" recognized for excellence by American Library Association.

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